What is Collaborative Practice?

Collaborative Practice is a process of solving disputes with outcomes that are:

  1. customised to its participants;
  2. good for both parties; and
  3. avoids litigation in court.

It involves a multidisciplinary approach to a single family – where various professionals (for example lawyers, finance professionals, valuers, child experts and psychologists) work together to assist the parties achieve their goals with respect to resolution following the breakdown of their relationship. It can address all aspects related to a relationship breakdown including parenting arrangements, division of property, child support and spouse maintenance. It avoids the need for costly and stressful court proceedings.

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What is a Collaborative Coach?

The Coach is a neutral party who guides the parties through the collaborative process and assists with communication.  Given that collaborative practice is a process where the goals and needs of the separated couple are the primary focus, the Coach exists to bring the team together and continually re-focus the participants on that goal.

Collaborative Coaching

How can a Collaborative Coach help?

A collaborative coach is often seen as the “Project Manager” of the process. They bring the team together and manage action items and ensure that all parties stay focussed on the goal for a more respectful and less adversarial approach to their separation. A collaborative coach can assist in communication between the parties by supporting those that may find it difficult to speak up for themselves. The coach can assist in managing stress and offering referrals and supports for various issues that may arise in the process.

The benefits of collaborative practice.

The process of collaborative practice ensures that all parties have the support they need by engaging with a variety of professionals who look after the interests of both parties and ensure the best possible outcome for all involved. It fosters open communication and minimises conflict, which removes some of the stress that is experienced when there is a relationship breakdown. It works to preserve and maintain a better relationship between former partners which has particular benefits when co-parenting is still required. Where children are involved, a child specialist or psychologist can join the collaborative team to advocate for the children’s interests.

What does the collaborative process look like?

Generally, each party would retain a collaboratively trained lawyer and discuss and identify the issues that are important to them following the relationship breakdown. The two lawyers would come together and discuss the team needed to assist with the collaboration including a Coach, financial professionals, valuers and possibly child experts. All participants would sign a Participation Agreement which sets out the expectations for the process including behaving in a respectful manner towards each other, exchanging all relevant and complete financial information, maintaining confidentiality throughout the process and ensuring that court proceedings are not threatened. Once the collaborative team is established, face-to-face or online meetings are arranged (usually across 3-5 sessions) to discuss all issues in an open, transparent way and various options are generated so that a resolution can be explored by all of the parties together.

The collaborative coaching process.

Why choose us?

Combined with their training in the collaborative process, our Collaborative Coaches have extensive experience in family law and assisting parties with resolution options following relationship breakdown. Through their mediation experience, and many years facilitating discussions between parties, our Coaches have honed their communication skills. They have also worked extensively with other professionals in the collaborative space and are ready to support you and your clients explore outcomes that are beneficial to every person impacted by the relationship breakdown.

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The total cost of the collaborative process will depend on each individual case, the team members that need to be involved and the time needed to fully explore outcomes that are beneficial to all parties involved.

Our Collaborative Coaching is charged at $660 per hour incl GST shared equally between parties.