Cancellation policy.

Objectives and background.

Unfortunately, when a cancellation or postponement is requested without giving adequate notice, it prevents other clients from being served.  This cancellation policy is used as a way of respecting the time commitment of all involved.  It explains the process for requesting a cancellation and the applicable cancellation fees.  This policy is used in fairness to both our business and the clients who would otherwise have wanted an appointment.

Cancellation process.

We understand situations can arise in which you must cancel or postpone your scheduled event. Due to limited appointment availability, we request that we are provided with adequate notice as this allows us to fill that appointment slot.

You may cancel by sending us a joint notification by email to

If no prior notice is given, or the notice is not provided within the minimum notice period of 15 days or greater, you will be charged a cancellation fee for the missed event as per the cancellation fee schedule below.

Cancellation fee schedule.

Notice given Cancellation fee
15 days or greater Nil
14 days or less 20% of event fee
Less than 3 clear business days 50% of event fee

Invoicing and payment.

When applicable, cancellation fee invoices will be issued immediately upon notification of cancellation and are payable within 7 days. The fee is apportioned equally between the parties, unless alternate arrangements are made and agreed in writing.