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What is Parenting Coordination?

Parenting Coordination is a service provided by someone with a legal or social science background to parents who have final Court Orders or a Parenting Plan covering the day-to-day parenting arrangements for their children. Its purpose is to ensure compliance with the orders or plan, help resolve any disputes about the orders or plan, educate and monitor the parties and improve the communication and problem-solving skills of the parents. The goal is to make parties better co-parents and focus on the needs of their children and not their ongoing dispute.

Parenting Coordination is a form of dispute resolution and is another way of assisting in co-parental disputes to avoid the parties initiating and/or further litigating in the Federal Circuit and Family Law Court.

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How can a Parenting Coordinator help?

A Parenting Coordinator (“PC”) will assist parties through education, communication strategies and management of disagreements which also includes assistance in interpreting Family Court orders and Parenting Plans. PCs will guide the parties through their post separation issues and ensure they achieve a child focused outcome by way of short to long-term ongoing involvement with the family.

Implementing parenting arrangements post separation can be challenging and it is usually a new concept for most parents. Parties can benefit from a PC assisting them to navigate the readjustment to day-to-day life as co-parents who are now living separately and apart.

Given a Parenting Coordination programme requires a regular schedule of meetings with each other over a period of months or years, the assistance of a PC will guide parties through old and new challenges as they continue through a significant period of their co-parenting relationship.

The benefits of Parenting Coordination.

Benefits to children include:

  • Greater self-esteem and confidence by creating a more harmonious environment in both parents households.

  • Having two active, cooperative parents in their life that are both involved in decision-making for them.

  • Reducing their stress by decreasing parental conflict.
  • Removing the need for children to “choose” or align themselves with a particular party.

Benefits to parents include:

  • Assisting with communication and conflict resolution skills.

  • Educates parents on the impact of conflict on their children’s development.

  • Avoids ongoing or further litigation.

  • Teaches parents how to manage their own co-parenting.

The steps.

Why choose us?

A Parenting Coordinator must have a legal or social science background and have undertaken the relevant mediation and Parenting Coordination training. Both Belinda Crawford and Joanne Chayna have this training but in addition, they have had extensive experience in the court system, both having worked as Registrars of the Court for over 15 years. This has given them invaluable insight and experience in parenting matters and dealing with clients that have struggled with communication and co-parenting. They have dealt with Family Court parenting orders on a daily basis and have extensive experience in assessing and dealing with parental conflict and offering solutions to assist with resolving those disputes/conflict. They are also lawyers with Accredited Specialisation in Family Law along with accredited Mediators, Arbitrators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

Parenting Coordination Pricing.

Individual Intake Session

$660incl. GST per party
  • Up to 45 Minutes with each party in separate sessions by video conference
  • Intake session and first Joint Session fee payable when booking (via PayPal)
  • Screening questions and safety planning
  • Review/discuss Orders and Parenting Plan
  • Establish agenda items for initial Joint Session

Joint Sessions

$600incl. GST per party per session
  • 1.5 hours with each party in joint session by video conference
  • Reading of any relevant, agreed material
  • Discuss issues with Orders/Parenting Plan
  • Discuss goals and expectations
  • Establish/review/monitor communication protocols
  • Keep the children’s needs in the foreground of all discussions and decisions

Additional fees

  • Additional time for Parenting Coordination work outside of the sessions themselves is charged at $660 per hour incl GST and is generally shared equally between the parties (more details included in the Parenting Coordination Agreement).

Frequently asked questions.

Do you have cancellation fees?2023-03-14T09:45:32+11:00

We do impose cancellation fees if an event is cancelled within 14 days of the booked date.  By making a booking, you agree to our cancellation policy.

Is Parenting Coordination confidential?2023-03-20T13:34:34+11:00

Parenting Coordination is non-confidential and is reportable at the request of the Court, or by one or both parties. This way both parties are held accountable for their behaviours to ensure they are motivated towards a better co-parenting approach to their conflict that is also child-focussed.

What is the process for Parenting Coordination?2023-07-09T11:27:29+10:00

The appointment of a Parenting Coordinator (“PC”) can be Court ordered, (including by way of a consent order) or by way of an agreement in a Parenting Plan. You may find it useful to use our template to seek a court order (including by consent) for the appointment of Belinda Crawford or Joanne Chayna as your PC.

Parenting Coordination sessions are initially conducted by the PC with the parties to the dispute separately via a 45-minute zoom session each. Thereafter, a PC will meet with the parties in a 90-minute session approximately once a month for a period of up to 2 years (longer or shorter if the parties agree or otherwise as per any Court order).  The arrangements can be flexible to accommodate any urgent issues that may arise from time to time (subject to our availability) and are conducted via video conferencing.

What sorts of issues can a Parenting Coordinator assist with?2023-03-20T16:17:18+11:00

A Parenting Coordinator can assist to resolve the following types of issues:

  • minor changes or clarification of time, schedules or conditions including holidays and temporary variations from the existing parenting orders/plan;
  • boundaries around verbal or written communication, including any forms of electronic communication between co-parents about the children;
  • arrangements for transitions or exchanges of the children including date, time, place, means of transportation and transporter;
  • health care management including but not limited to medical, dental, orthodontic, vision, psychology and other specialties;
  • child rearing issues including but not limited to disciplinary practises, bedtime routines, diet and homework support;
  • education or daycare including choice of school, tutoring, participation in special education testing and programmes or other major educational decisions;
  • participation in extracurricular activities;
  • travel and passport arrangements;
  • clothing, equipment and personal possessions of the children;
  • roles of and contact with significant others, new partners and extended family.
Why would you use a Parenting Coordinator (“PC”)?2023-03-20T16:18:18+11:00

If there are issues with the implementation or interpretation of Court Orders or a Parenting Plan, a PC can assist.  When parties are struggling to communicate and co-parent, a PC can also help.

Unfortunately, when couples separate, their children can often be exposed to the conflict between their parents, either directly or indirectly.  Parenting Coordination guides parties to a better path of negotiation and managing day to day issues to shield the children from the dispute. The goal is to avoid the conflict negatively impacting on the children and the potential for court proceedings.

How do I make a booking to commence the Parenting Coordination process?2023-07-09T11:25:03+10:00

After you have reached an agreement or had a court order directing who the Parenting Coordinator will be, each party should book their individual intake session using the online booking system on this website located on the “bookings” page.  Following this, future joint sessions will be arranged by your Parenting Coordinator in consultation with both parties and in accordance with the timeframes required by any Orders or Parenting Plan.

Where are our offices?2023-07-05T21:05:36+10:00

Separation Solutions operate out of virtual offices.  However, all Parenting Coordination sessions are conducted via video conference (zoom) so an attendance in person is not required.

Do we provide Dispute Resolution Services for the LGBTIQ community?2024-01-25T16:36:16+11:00

At Separation Solutions, we are experienced in assisting LGBTIQ couples and former spouses in resolving their disagreements around children’s matters and property and financial matters.

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