About us.

Established in 2021, Separation Solutions (formerly known as Crawford Mediation & Arbitration) has built a strong reputation for its expertise in all aspects of Family Law Dispute Resolution. Our team of practitioners possess extensive experience in Mediation, Arbitration, Family Dispute Resolution, Parenting Coordination and Collaborative practice. We bring a comprehensive understanding of the legal, emotional and practical aspects of conflict resolution, having either worked within the Family Courts or in private practice for many, many years.

At Separation Solutions, we recognise that every dispute is unique, and we approach each case with a tailored, client-centred and where applicable, child-focussed approach. Our practitioners possess exceptional communication and negotiation skills, allowing them to foster productive dialogue, facilitate understanding, and encourage collaborative problem-solving. We prioritise the interests and needs of all parties involved, ensuring a safe and respectful environment conducive to open dialogue and creative solutions.

As a company, Separation Solutions values integrity, efficiency, professionalism, and the pursuit of equitable resolutions. We are committed to continuously improving our skills and knowledge through ongoing professional development, staying at the forefront of emerging trends and best practices in the field of Family Law dispute resolution.

Our team.

Belinda Crawford
Belinda CrawfordDirector & Family Law Dispute Resolution Specialist
Joanne Chayna
Joanne ChaynaFamily Law Dispute Resolution Specialist
Cynthia Bluett
Cynthia BluettFamily Law Dispute Resolution Specialist
Katherine Vassallo
Katherine VassalloAdministrative Assistant
Jo Naylor
Jo NaylorAdministrative Assistant

Our qualifications and professional memberships include:

  • Admission to the Supreme Court of NSW and High Court of Australia

  • Legal Practitioners, Law Society of NSW

  • Accredited Specialists in Family Law, Law Society of NSW

  • Nationally Accredited Mediators, NMAS

  • Registered Arbitrators, AIFLAM

  • Collaborative Coaches

  • Membership of the Family Law Section, Law Council of Australia

  • Membership of the Resolution Institute

  • Membership of the Greater West Family Law Practitioners Association

  • Justice of the Peace, NSW Department of Justice

  • Parenting Coordinators

  • Conflict Coaches
Nationally Accredited Mediator
Accredited Specialist Family Law
Accredited Mediator
Accredited Arbitrator
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Naiionally Accredited Mediator
Collaborative Professionals NSW Member